Need a little inspiration?

I am compelled to list three of my favorite inspirations as an artist. These are subject to change at any moment, and usually do, and I'm gonna list them in chronological order (of when they inspired me).

FIRST: My mom and my grandma, who are both very creative and crafty. My mom is a bit Martha Stewart-y, a little Betty Crocker-y, and somewhat Bob Ross-y. With better hair. Thanks to her, I'm not afraid of any new or mixed media challenge.

I remember her looking like this: Winona Ryder in Reality Bites
SECOND: There was this really weird girl in high school- really angst-y and goth, you know the type- and I went to a music festival with her once and it rained (of course). She sat down at a picnic table and proceeded to draw with her fingertip through the collected raindrops, some sort of swirly pattern, and it just really impressed me: she exploited every opportunity to be express herself and leave her mark- however fleetingly- and I try to emulate that as much as possible. One night, at a crowded bar, I used burnt  matchsticks to draw portraits on coasters in exchange for drinks. I owe the next day's hangover to that weird girl from high school.

Joseph Cornell, Untitled, 1948
THIRD: Joseph Cornell, one of my favorite artists of all time, inspires my mixed media collages. I love the way he combines found objects to create a mysterious, nostalgic, intimate little world.


My Very Own Facebook

J for Jackie
B for Bond
 The class: Graphic Novels and Sequential Art, Black and White

The instructor: Carol Tyler

The project: Design my own little "facebook," featuring my initials and a little bio.

The challenge: Not staining my entire world black with permanent India ink, and figuring out the layout and printing process.

My Dorky Bio
Me, the Cynical Daydreamer
Why this was so much fun:
1. I made something silly and easily reproducible which I will foist on all sorts of unwilling friends and family.
2. All students made enough to share, so I have my own little collection of mini-comics now.
3. This will be a great project for high school students when I am an art teacher.

Final dimensions: 5.5" x 4.25" 
 (when folded)