My final thesis work is on display right now in the Reed Gallery!
Here's what I chose to show:
The piece to the left is the large (29" x 29") center panel of the triptych.
Check out the installation view below it to see how it looks on the gallery wall!
It's called Impetus Indefinitely Renewed (check out this previous post to see the story behind the title).
The small (9"x9") paintings are called Palimpsests, and they are sort of the offspring of the central piece, which is in the process of spawning more palimpsests.
It's about the endless cycle of renewal in art, and the inevitable course or growth and evolution. Fun, huh?
Check out this post if you want to see the six palimpsests in utero.

If you're wondering why the images of the smaller pieces look so much better, it's because they're from the digital scanners at school, while the photos of the larger piece are from my very vintage camera. If anyone has access to a giant digital scanner and they want to let me use it, let me know!

This work is on display 'til Saturday, along with some absolutely amazing thesis work from all my fellow Daapers. Go check it out!

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